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Speaking at a Women’s Service / Spiritual Retreat Weekend


A large regional, faith-based, non-profit ministry conducts “theme weekends” throughout the year for volunteers ranging from college to senior age adults. The weekends consist of volunteer service projects in the community during the day followed by programs each evening designed to teach, encourage and/or inspire the adult volunteers. I was asked to conduct one of these evening programs for one of the organization’s Women’s Service Weekends.


My topic, aligned with the faith-based service focus of the weekend retreat, was about Living in the Light—following in the footsteps of Jesus, loving and serving others as the utmost priority of our lives.


Not only was the session the highest rated of the retreat, the following feedback was received from one of the young college-age women in attendance:

I was [one of the young women] at the Women's weekend, and I really felt a connection to one of your stories you told. Thank you so much for that encouragement. [Afterwards], I broke down and cried and thanked God for having you reach out to me. Your message makes so much sense. Just know that I am SO very grateful that you shared that story. Each part of your talk touched me, and God has certainly given you a talent for speaking. Sometimes I strongly felt God's presence in that room as well.  Thank you again for taking the time and traveling and speaking at [the retreat]. Just know you are giving a [young woman] the best encouragement she has ever received. God Bless You!” – V.G.

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