The practice of consulting presumes that the expertise lies, not with the client, but with the consultant. The consultant is assumed to be both process and content expert. But in today’s post modern world, pure consulting does not provide all the answers. Cultures, leadership pools, business models, communities, rituals, traditions and demographics are becoming so diverse that a consultant cannot be a complete content expert in so many varied situations. A customized approach—a coach approach—is almost essential to helping leaders and organizations discover and move forward into their vision and agenda (versus the consultant’s vision or agenda.)

Coaching differs from consulting (telling), or counseling (fixing), or mentoring (modeling). Those services are vital and necessary in the proper setting and are available from RJS Leadership Coaching when appropriate. However, the coach approach is Rhonda’s primary focus.

Coaching honors the other person, team, or organization as the expert. It operates from the premise that they are creative and resourceful and already hold the necessary content; they could just benefit from a trained process expert helping them sort it out, organize it, and act upon it. Coaching is the process of partnering with an individual, team, or organization to help them move from where they are to where they want to be. It is based on creating trusted relationships and safe environments in which individuals or groups can engage in discovery, gain clarity, and take action to grow into new passions, new visions, and new competencies and skills.  So the coach’s responsibility is to:

  • focus on the process,
  • discover, clarify and align with what you, your team, or your organization wants or needs to achieve,
  • encourage your discovery process, and
  • elicit solutions & strategies from within you, your team, or your organization.

Rhonda is dedicated to this coach approach, due to its sustainable impact on individuals and organizations. A good coach will let you struggle through the process of solving the problems, so that you “learn to do the math,” versus “letting you cheat off his/her paper” for the answers. The coach approach builds capacity in you, your team, and your organization to be ready to meet future challenges on your own. In a post modern culture where individuals and organizations are struggling to be relevant in a rapidly changing and challenging world, coaching provides a pathway for sustainable leadership development.

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