Leadership Coaching for individuals can take different forms. Executive coaching may be driven by a problem the leader wants or needs to solve in his/her own leadership or team, but that is just as often not the driver. A CEO and/or members of his/her executive team may work one-on-one with the coach after receiving training in new skills or following a period of organizational coaching, which has resulted in organizational changes. Coaching in these instances can more quickly and effectively convert “willingness” into “ableness,” so these leaders can “be the change” they want to see in their organizations.
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Change sticks when leaders model it in their own behavior, positively recognize and encourage other’s transition to new behaviors, and effectively coach others through the change process. In either case, transformed leaders transform organizations!

Leadership Coaching is also an excellent option for those who are not in formal leadership positions. Everyone is a leader somewhere. Stephen Covey says “Leadership is a choice, not a position.” Regardless of your job title, you are the leader of your career, your work, your life. Leadership Coaching can help you:

  • Move toward a defined mission, values, vision and goals;
  • Learn to delegate and share responsibility;
  • Become a more assertive, confident individual;
  • Learn to face and resolve issues effectively;
  • Achieve work/life balance, and
  • Move forward on your most important priorities.

This process will leave a lasting and sustainable impact on every aspect of your life, because it builds more capacity, capability, and commitment in you than any other form of intervention or assistance. Rhonda knows how important that is to you, because, after many years of her own corporate leadership, entrepreneurial, and ministry experiences, she knows your challenges are increasing, not decreasing.

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