There can be many reasons your organization needs a Coach. You may have new managers who need to articulate their agenda and get to know their team. You may have several new team members and need to do some teambuilding. The organization may be faced with challenges they feel unprepared to tackle, problems they feel unskilled to solve, or opportunities they feel unequipped to pursue. You may want or need to change the direction or culture of your organization or develop a new strategy. You may need to re-organize, or develop and implement a new program.
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You may simply want to improve your organization’s overall performance, or you may need to build an entirely new organization from the ground up.

In any case, it’s often difficult for those embedded in these kinds of situations and dilemmas—the content experts—to objectively evaluate, diagnose and treat organizational performance problems and obstacles to success. Often times, you’re just too close to it, too heavily invested in “how we’ve always done it,” too sensitive to how certain people might react to change, too far down in the weeds to get a complete “big picture” view, or simply too busy to take on the additional work yourself! Sometimes, you’ve actually never encountered the kinds of challenges or problems or opportunities with which you’re currently faced. An experienced and skilled Organizational Coach—the process expert—can not only simplify the process for your organization, but will also help you improve the quality of your solutions and the sustainability of your efforts.

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