Webster's defines a "retreat" as "a period of group withdrawal, retirement or seclusion, away from the pressures of ordinary life, for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director."

Stillness, silence or focus are very difficult to find during our usual busy weeks, filled with tasks, phones, computers, family, travel, financial concerns, and so on.

A retreat of any kind allows us to break our ordinary pattern of daily life, briefly pause constant and unremitting demands, and create an interval of concentration on a particular topic or a particular set of priorities.

A lot can happen in a short time during a retreat. It’s a very focused opportunity from which understanding and transformation can arise. A designated time of retreat –long or short–offers:

  • freedom from distraction,
  • the opportunity to accomplish more in a shorter period of time,
  • positive conditions for going deeper on a topic than has been previously possible,
  • a change of scenery to spark creativity,
  • the opportunity to hear and absorb teachings and/or to discover new viewpoints, and
  • the ideal time and safe environment in which to try out new ideas or practice new skills.

The perspective gained during a retreat may enable you to re-enter your normal daily routine—professionally and personally—in a way that more purposefully aligns your goals and actions.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sharing a retreat with others from your team or organization is the unity it creates. Communication often becomes naturally positive and supportive. As a result, the retreat brings the participants closer. For larger organizations, retreats can also create networking opportunities by allowing individuals from different departments to interact and connect. These retreats will make your employees or members feel appreciated and create a greater sense of “team” and commitment to a common goal.

However, in order to achieve these results, the retreat must be well-planned and well-facilitated. Rhonda is experienced in planning and facilitating successful retreats of different varieties. She can help you design and plan an event that is relevant, achieves the right level of interaction, leaves a memorable impression, and makes a lasting impact. She can also help you design a follow-up plan, when appropriate, so that the retreat is not only a booster and accelerator for your journey, but also the beginning of a process that ensures the retreat’s primary benefits and effects will not be lost.

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