Rhonda's books are developed with the prime motivation of helping readers see the extraordinary lessons in everyday life. Click on the links below to learn more about her current and future releases.

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Current Releases:

Common sense is the sound and prudent judgment derived from everyday experiences.  In the same manner, Rhonda has drawn her concepts from her childhood and adult experiences, as well as her study of human and group effectiveness. More...

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One of the great universal truths is that in life there is always someone who has just completed the journey you are about to begin.  And yet few take the time to debrief this weary traveler and discover the twists and turns of his or her adventure, and the pitfalls and perils he or she just encountered.

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Amazing Faith, Featuring actress Jennifer O’Neil, Dr. Rober Schuller

Faith means acting upon what we say we believe, with what we claim to believe being only a starting point. As Rhonda explains in the book, “Good intentions are fine; but true faith is our belief and good intentions in action. The beauty is, when demonstrated, faith benefits you and all those around you.” You will be stirred to examine your own faith as you read these authors’ stories. Victims of trauma, they each had to demonstrate amazing faith in painful and sometimes surprising ways. Find out more...

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