Rhonda’s speaking combines:

  • her experiences from a 25+ year corporate career
  • the important concepts behind her coaching and teaching
  • her international humanitarian mission experiences
  • her farm and country roots and the important lessons she learned there
  • and her every-day life

to produce hilarious, moving and enlightening stories.

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She is a master storyteller who generously weaves her true stories into the life lessons they are intended to be. She leads listeners on a sometimes humor-filled, other times heartwarming, and always insightful journey that will transform the ordinary into extraordinary.

Dr. Nell Rodgers, best-selling author of the books Puppet or Puppeteer and Wake Up and Live the Life You Want to Live, says “Rhonda’s message packs a powerful punch in an intriguing, suspenseful, subtle, and entertaining manner, which will personally and powerfully touch your life!”

Rhonda is the author of Teaching Common Sense: Seven Simple Principles for Nurturing Those Around You and Reaping the Harvest of Your Life. She is also featured with renowned experts Stephen Covey and Brian Tracy in the special 10th edition of Mission Possible! from Insight Publishing, and in another Insight Publishing project, Amazing Faith.

Hear Rhonda share the true stories that have transformed her life and her work, and see if your own life lessons don’t come flooding back to you with new enlightening clarity.

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