Asking Rhonda to be a speaker at our annual 3-day conference was one of the best decisions I have made as a coordinator. Her stories and “down to earth” approach gave practical wisdom and insight that could be used in both professional and personal lives. She is an excellent speaker to get a group energized for the day. One of the conference participants stated, “Rhonda was wonderful and really spoke to my heart. If she had been the only speaker, it would have been worth the trip to the conference.” I will definitely ask Rhonda to deliver more motivational programs in the future.”  Cindi R. Reynolds, Conference Coordinator, Employee & Organizational Development, The University of Tennessee

"Rhonda is a very personable and open person. She is an excellent story teller and presenter. She connects with the group and is easy to follow and understand. She always makes excellent points and touches the heart – it is a learning experience. Her presentation made the whole conference complete. Please have her back again.” - Comment on an unnamed UT participant’s evaluation form.

"Rhonda’s work has changed the landscape of our organization. She has helped our Executive Team and Board create a dynamic vision for the organization and has led training for our entire staff, which has introduced us to a common language and helped each employee understand how his/her specific job helps the organization reach its overall goals. Rhonda’s work with us did not include just a presentation of theory, but her active walk with us through implementation and beyond. Rhonda is a delight to work with, a great storyteller, entertaining presenter, and a consultant who really knows her stuff!” Susan Crow, President & CEO, Appalachia Service Project.

“Rhonda is an exceptionally talented individual who spends the right amount of time getting to know her clients and understanding their mission and vision. She has helped [our organization] foster a greater commitment to performance management and outcomes with our programs. If you're looking for someone with experience and knowledge to help you transform your organizational culture, hire Rhonda. Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity” David Bryant, Chief Philanthropy Officer Appalachia Service Project.

“Rhonda led us through sessions whereby she helped us to brainstorm ideas and solutions to our problems. She is deeply committed and excels as a facilitator. She can relate to all people, is compassionate, but at the same time can maintain everyone’s attention and interest, while serving as a strong motivator.” – Bob Shurr, Chief Operations Officer, Appalachia Service Project.

“Rhonda has been instrumental in launching a new program for [our organization] and in that capacity has proven herself to be an excellent facilitator. This new aspect of our ministry entailed extensive research, developing a plan of action, conducting interviews and meetings, formulating procedures, establishing timetables, tracking the progress and development of this new program, and most important guiding current employees in its design and implementation. Rhonda maintained a high level of professionalism as she facilitated the entire process. She has guided our staff in a cohesive manner and brought forth a commitment to the program. Rhonda possesses the characteristics of a strong trainer and facilitator, as she is articulate and an effective communicator. Not only is she intelligent, honest, and personable, she is a motivator and is effective in dealing with numerous individuals of varying backgrounds. I strongly recommend Rhonda Jones as a consultant, facilitator and trainer for your organization.” – Mary Beth Ramey, Former Director of Volunteers & Special Events, Knox Area Rescue Ministries, now VP of Development, Volunteer Ministry Center.

“Rhonda Jones is a facilitator who has proven results. Those results, however, are not through rigid and rote methods. Through an engaging process of “conversational discovery,” participants are encouraged and invited to explore the fullest dimensions of “problem-solving.” Any organization, whether non-profit or for-profit, that is looking to clarify their mission and objectives, or seeking solutions to a systemic problem, and/or desiring to build capacity, should look no further than Rhonda Jones.” – Rev. Dr. Bruce Spangler, Former VP of Program Ministry, Knox Area Rescue Ministries, now Chief Operations Officer, Volunteer Ministry Center.

“Rhonda was wonderful and really spoke to my heart. If she had been the only speaker, it would have been worth the trip to the conference.”

-Participant at UT Administrative Professionals Annual Retreat

“Rhonda is a high-energy, dynamic leader! She has an ability to come into a group, quickly build trust & rapport, help them clarify problems or targets, and use innovative tools & approaches to help them stay on track & achieve as a team.”

-Eva Todd, HR Director, Philips Consumer Electronics Corporation

“Rhonda Jones conducted Influencing Skills training for the Managers and Supervisors at Newport Utilities this past September. Her style of presentation maintains interest with the right mix of team assignments. The Influencing Skills training formalizes a good common since approach to interactions between employees and between customers and employees. Her training offers good instruction on key elements that result in productive interactions.”

-Ron Fugatt General Manager, Newport Utilities

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