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Our attitudes come to life in our interpersonal behaviors, which affects every element of human relationships—understanding, communicating, knowing ourselves, leading, and building teams. This is crucial because our success is directly related to the nature and quality of our relationships.

Our attitudes lead to our personality and behaviors, which during the course of our daily living are directly responsible for the types of relationships we build and the results we generate, either positive or negative. These Interpersonal Skills & Attitudes courses will create attitude-awareness, understanding, self-confidence, and the skills to harness this power and begin to make intentional progress toward our work and life goals.



Adventures in Attitudes®

In a national training survey, companies were asked to choose which was most important: employee aptitude, including hard skills and technical competencies, or employee attitude, including motivation, commitment, and communication. Nearly 60% of respondents ranked attitude as the number one priority, and it’s even more important in today’s downsized, team-oriented, increasingly diverse workplace. As attitudes deteriorate, so do levels of commitment and performance. Adventures in Attitudes® helps people understand that they can choose how to perceive and respond to events around them, and that it is within their control to change a negative outlook to one that's positive. By establishing personal responsibility and accountability in the midst of change, individuals learn that passive resistance can be transformed into high-energy performance. Using small-group interaction, shared personal experiences, individual and group exercises, and facilitator-led discussion, Adventures in Attitudes® provides a remarkable process for self-discovery.

Suggested Audience: Workgroup or department members or workgroup and department leaders who want to understand how their attitudes affect their behaviors and, thus, their overall success, both as individuals and as a team.

Program Length:  Ten 2- to 3-hour modules (not including breaks), can be delivered in 3-4 straight days or over a period of weeks, depending upon client preference.

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All the following Interpersonal Classes utilize the DiSC behavioral profile

Using Your Strengths to Your Advantage

Although some of us have more natural social skills than others, the truth is we all have our own interpersonal strengths. Truly effective people know their strengths and find opportunities to maximize those talents. This course provides a safe, constructive way for participants to learn about themselves and gather interpersonal feedback from their fellow group members. This program is designed to help participants recognize the diverse talents and preferences associated with each DiSC style, understand their interpersonal strengths and how they have been overused in the past, develop an openness to interpersonal feedback, recognize the impact that their behavior has on other people, and create specific strategies for enhanced interpersonal effectiveness.

Suggested Audience: Employees from all levels who can benefit from pinpointing their unique interpersonal strengths, learning how to get the most out of their talents, and understanding those same strengths can become obstacles when overused.

Program Length: Full Day

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Building Greater Self-Awareness

This course provides a framework that participants can use as their behavioral mirror. It gives them a more complete picture of how their behavior comes across to others, and teaches participants to use feedback for building stronger relationships. This program is designed to help participants learn more about their personal styles through the DiSC framework, appreciate the different ways in which their behavior can be interpreted by others, get specific, safe feedback about their behavior from others, identify interpersonal behaviors that they would like to change, and develop strategies to build more effective relationships.

Suggested Audience: Employees from all levels and departments or workgroups who want to build a concrete action plan for stronger relationships with one another.

Program Length: Half Day

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