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Whether the title Leader or Manager represents a position you already hold or whether it represents a level to which you aspire, those titles also represent a skill set, which can be learned and improved. I agree with Stephen Covey who posits that, “Leadership is a choice, not a position.” With these courses, you can gain understanding for the dimensions of leadership and learn and practice the skills to excel in all aspects of leadership: Organizational, Team, and Personal.


Dimensions of Leadership: Recognizing, Understanding & Sharing Leadership®

This program is designed to help participants understand the differences between leadership and management, recognize that leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers, understand that leadership can be shared, and explore the dynamic nature of leadership.

Suggested Audience: This course can help Executive Leadership Team members identify what kind of leadership role each one would like to play. It can also help a group of people who do not have a designated leader to determine the different styles of leadership each one brings to the group. It helps Board Members or team members identify what kind of leadership a particular situation or role requires. And it’s an excellent course for new and experienced leaders to become more aware of where they normally tend to put their leadership focus and the gaps for which they need to be on guard.

Program Length: Half-Day or Full-Day

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